Hi, I am Panchanan Raut. I have been in this diamond industry for more than fifteen years. From rough diamond sorting to polish grading to train people on diamond grading, it has been quite an interesting and eventful journey.  

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In this period I did the “Advance Grading course from GIA”. I have also completed grading course from IGI. Life was good until 2016.

In 2016, I met with a severe accident with multiple fractures and head injury.  Now life isn’t the same as it was after five operations and a few iron plates in the body. Life threw me out of gear. Before the accident I was carefree.

Never ever I thought that I would write something like this on the diamond. Recently I wrote a book named “How to Buy Best Quality Diamond”.

This book is now available in amazon.com. This book is all about knowing diamond and its quality before you buy it.

In adversary, life gives many opportunities. I realized this after completing this book almost in the bed. This blog is another opportunity to connect with people who are in search of valuable information about the diamond, its quality, its affordability and above all a convincing answer to all the queries that a person faces while buying a diamond or engagement ring or diamond stud jewelry.

In this blog, I have taken extra care for the first time buyers so that they can understand it easily. You can also go to “Diamonds quality Chart At-a-glance” to learn quickly about it.

I have given both quick-learning tips and in-depth analysis. I hope this blog will serve your purpose of being here. Wish you happy learning and happy shopping.

Certificate from GIA