Amazing saving tips on Diamond’s carat-weight, wish I knew it before

Saving Tips  on diamond’s carat-weight: how to choose a perfect diamond. What is “pointer” in diamond language? How can you save on Carat-Weight without compromising on size?

You can save lots of money by choosing a right carat-weight diamond. The money you save can be used for a better Clarity or a better Color diamond. Let’s understand it step by step. So keep reading.

What is Carat Weight?

Carat is the weight of the diamond that I have explained in detail in the Carat-weight chapter. In this post, you will know how you can save a decent amount by following my simple tips.

How a diamond’s price is determined?

This is one of the most amazing tips I am going to share with you. Diamond’s price is based on price per carat basis.

Diamond’s price = carat (weight of the diamond) x price per carat,

For example:

If a diamond’s weight is 0.50 carat and the price per carat is $5000 then the cost of the diamond is going to be 0.50 x 5000 = $2500

You might be thinking here that if the price of a 0.50-carat diamond is $2500 then the cost of a 1.00-carat diamond would be $ 5000.

No dear, that is not the case. Here is the twist. The price of a 1.00-carat diamond may be $7000 to $10000.


This is the way diamond’s price works. As larger diamonds are rare and hard to find, its price goes up exponentially when we go to buy a larger diamond. The rule is simple, larger the diamond higher the price is.

This is Important:

Remember the Price Slab of Diamond’s carat-weight:

In the above paragraph, you understood how a diamond’s price is calculated.

Now I am going to tell you another important thing that is the price slab of diamond’s carat weight.

The diamond’s price is divided into many slabs as per its carat weight. For different weight category, the price per carat is different. This is where we have the window to save money without compromising on size.

In the table below I am giving you the list of price slab of the carat weight of the diamond. Please remember it when you are going to buy a diamond for your engagement ring or wedding ring or when you are buying diamond stud jewelry. The jeweler will never tell you about this.

Carat Weight Price Slab Chart
0.18 – 0.22 ct0.23 – 0.29 ct0.30 – 0.44 ct0.45 – 0.49 ct
0.50 – 0.69 ct0.70 – 0.89 ct0.90 – 0.99 ct1.00 – 1.49 ct
1.50 – 1.99 ct2.00 – 2.99 ct3.00 – 3.99 ct4.00 – 4.99 ct
5.00 – 5.99 ct10.00 – 10.99 ct

How to read this chart?

As I have mentioned earlier that the price per carat of a diamond is different according to different carat weights. So, if you are buying a diamond that weighs 0.30-carat then you will be charged as per the price slab of 0.30-carat to 0.44-carat.

Similarly, if you are buying a diamond of 1.00-carat then your diamond’s cost will be as per the price slab of 1.00-carat to 1.49-carat weight. I hope you get the point.

Let’s understand this how it works on the real price list and how you can save a lot of money by following this amazing tip.

In the following example, there are four diamonds of different carat weights (other parameters remain same). Now see how carat-weight plays a major role in deciding the price of the diamond and how much you can save if you follow the tips.

Price Chart

Saving Tips on Carat Weight

Carat- 0.98Carat- 1.00
ColorClarityCutPrice in $Price in $Gain. in $Gain. in %

Fluorescence: None

Note: By sacrificing 0.02-carat you are saving $ 2370

Saving Tips on Carat Weight

ColorClarityCutPrice in $Price in $Gain. in $Gain. in %

Fluorescence: None

Note: By sacrificing 0.02 carat you are saving $ 1300

Saving Tips on Carat Weight

ColorClarityCutPrice in $Price in $Saving in $Saving in %

Fluorescence: None

Note: By sacrificing 0.03 carat you are saving $ 2347

Saving Tips on Carat Weight

ColorClarityCutPrice in $Price in $Gain. in $Gain. in %

Fluorescence: None

Note: By sacrificing 0.03 carat you are saving $ 1275

(Price is taken from an online store in March-18)

Note: At the time of reading this blog actual price may vary but you know how it works now.

In the above examples, you have seen how a mere 0.02 to 0.03-carat weight makes a big difference in the price of the diamond.

This is because of the different price slabs of the diamond.

When you cross the upper threshold of the carat weight in the price slab then the diamond’s price jumps dramatically. You should remember this while buying a diamond.

Carat-weight Vs Diamond’s Size:

After reading this you may ask “Am I compromising with the size of the diamond by following this tip?

I know this is the question that will come naturally to your mind when I urge you to follow the tips. The answer is technically yes but physically no.

Let me make it clear to you in a simple way.

Diamond’s size is measured by its diameter in millimeter (mm). If the diameter is large then the diamond is large, if it is small then the diamond is small.

The interesting thing about a diamond’s weight to size(diameter) ratio is that the diameter does not get as much bigger in proportion to its weight. Have a look at the following images to understand it better.

saving carat ready.png

(In the above Carat-weight, below diamond’s diameter in millimeter)

Understand how it works:

Look at the carat weight and the diameter’s measurement in mm in the above image.

In the first image the difference of weight is 0.10-carat while the difference of diameter is only 0.3 mm, similarly, in the second image the difference of weight is 0.25-carat but the difference of diameter is only 0.3mm.

It is very hard to notice the size differences in the above images.

The point I am trying to make is that when the difference of diameter is only in a fraction of millimeter then you will not find the difference of size in naked eyes unless it is weighed in a weighing-machine.

Now looking at the images above can you say which one is 0.90-carat or which one is a 1.00-carat diamond.

Similarly, if you are given a diamond that weighs 1.45-carat and another one that is 1.50-carat, can you judge the size difference without weighing it. I hope you get the point now.

The bottom line is 0.02-carat to 0.07-carat weight difference is in no way going to impact the appearance of the diamonds those are above 0.50-carat.

Let me give you another example so that you can understand it easily.

Look at the following image and find out how the weight-percentage and diameter-percentage vary with the increase of carat weight.

carat weight vs diameter ready11.png

In the above image when a diamond’s weight increases from 0.50-carat to 1.00-carat, the diameter increases from 5.2mm to 6.5mm. In other words when the weight increases 100% the size or the diameter increases only 25%.

Similarly, when the diamond’s weight increases from 1.00-carat to 2.00-carat, its diameter increases from 6.5 mm to 8.2 mm. Which means it’s size increases only 26% in comparison to 100% increase in its weight.

Keep this thing in mind because 0.05-carat to 0.08-carat more or less weight (above 0.50-carat) does not mean your diamond is going to look smaller or bigger.

You will not find any difference in its size in your naked eyes. However, this will make a big difference when it comes to the price of the diamond. So follow my tips and save big money.

I hope I have made it abundantly clear to you on this.

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