Radiant Cut: Tips to choose sparkling diamond for your engagement ring

What is a Radiant Cut?

Think of Princess cut without sharp edges, think of Emerald cut with brilliance, and think of Round brilliant cut’s sparkle; now think of the combination of all three features in one cut and that is Radiant cut.

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With 70 facets you can expect same brilliance as Princess cut but somewhat less than round brilliant cut.

The architect of Radiant Cut Henry Grossbard had made it clear, at the time of its invention in 1977, that he had made this cut to make the diamond look more beautiful and attractive rather than the aim of retaining weight.

It is because of people like Tolkowsky (inventor of round brilliant cut),Israel Itzkowitz (Inventor of Princess cut), Kaplan (creator Oval shape), and Henry Grossbard’s (Creator Radiant cut) life-long research and innovation that we see different shapes and cutting style in diamond and jewelry industry that make it unique and versatile.

Why choose Radiant Cut diamond?

  • Radiant cut is as brilliant as Princess cut only next to round brilliant cut in terms of sparkle and brilliance
  • Its many facets hide inclusions well thus giving the window to go down in clarity grade for better color grade or for more carat weight
  • If you like the Emerald shape with more brilliance then this is the one for you
  • More suitable for active life style as no fear of chipping due to its cropped corners
  • Radiant cut exhibits color exceptionally well due to its faceting pattern
  • Solitaire, three-stone, and Halo are the best ring settings for Radiant cut, looks outstanding in other jewelry too
  • Up to 30% cheaper than Round and Princess cut

How to choose Radiant cut diamond?

Like any other Fancy shapes choosing a Radiant cut requires basic understanding of its length to width ratio, cut parameters, color and clarity grade. Let’s understand it one by one.

Remember these are the broad guidelines just to help you search the best. You should first short list what appeals to you most at the first glance. Then match it with the given parameters and you will know how best or how good the cut is.

As GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and AGSL (American Gems Society Laboratories), world’s two most reliable labs do not grade its cut. In absence of cut grading of the above labs, going for experts’ opinion is a better option to understand its cut quality.

Another best option to understand Radiant cut diamond’s cut quality is its ASET image report. Sometimes your eyes may not be able to judge the best one. In that case technological assistance can guide you to choose the best.

Hence, ASET report is the most advanced and logical way to judge a Fancy shape/cut diamond’s cut quality which speaks of its brilliance and sparkle. Make it a rule to ask for ASET report if you are buying a Fancy shape diamond.

Now come to the other option of knowing what experts have to say about its cut parameters based on their practical knowledge and years of experience.

Length to width Ratio: Radiant Cut

77diamonds LondonEx/VG- 1.00-1.05 Ex/VG- 1.05-1.50


Ex/VG- 1.00-1.03 Ex– 1.20-1.30

VG- 1.15-1.19 or 1.31-1.35

Petra GemsEx/VG- 1.00-1.04 Ex– 1.20-1.31

VG- 1.14-1.20 or 1.32-1.36

White FlashEx/VG- 1.00-1.05>1.10
BluenileEx/VG- 1.00-1.05>1.10

It is clear from the above table that there is a broad agreement among the experts about its length to width ratio that gives optimum result. You should choose your diamond between these ranges to short list the better looking ones and then see their HD images/videos or see them in person to choose the best.

radiant length2width blog ready.jpg

Cut proportions: Radiant Cut

I have mentioned it earlier and I am mentioning it again that it is the Cut factor of the diamond that gives life to a lifeless rock. It is too important a factor to ignore.

Many people tempt to compromise with cut to get a more carat-weight diamond only to repent later. Remember a well cut 0.90-carat diamond will look larger and more brilliant than a poor cut 1.00-carat diamond.

Again you have to rely on the experts’ views as there are no cut-grade guidelines from the labs.

Lumera DiamondEnchanted Diamond
Table %Ex-61-69

VG-57-60 or 70-72


Ex- 61-69

VG- 57-60 or 70-72

Depth %Ex-61-67

VG-59-60.9 or 67.1-70

Ideal- 60-65

Ex- 61-67

VG- 59-60.9 or 67.1-70

GirdleEx/VG- Very thin -slightly thickIdeal/Ex/VG- Very thin -slightly thick
CuletEx- None

VG- Small

Ideal/Ex- None

VG- Small

Symmetry: Radiant Cut

You may not know about it but when you first look at the diamond, you cannot ignore its importance. A perfect symmetry is always appealing and pleasing to the eyes. If a Radiant Cut diamond’s culet is not centered, its sides are not parallel it will definitely look odd to your eyes.

Similarly, if its corners are too narrow or too wide, and its girdle facets are wavy then it is not worth buying. The perfect combinations of all these factors in a diamond indicate that it has excellent symmetry. You should be looking for that to get the best result.

Bow-tie effect: Expect bow-tie effect in Radiant cut. As it cannot be judged by seeing the grading report you need to see its HD image/Videos or see it in person. Minimal bow-tie is considered to be good for contrast but noticeable to severe bow-tie in Radiant cut diamond should be completely avoided.

Color Tips: Radiant cut exhibits hue of the color very well. If you are choosing Platinum or white gold, H color or better is the best option. If it is rose gold or yellow gold than anything between I to K color is more suitable.

Fancy color diamond in Radiant cut looks spectacular as its facet pattern holds color exceptionally well. You should see it to believe.

Clarity Tips: Transparency enriches a diamond’s quality other than cut and color. If you are inclined for a better clarity then VS2 or better is what you should be looking for. But if you are ok with inclusions in the diamond that is not visible to naked eyes then SI1 is the better option to save a few bucks.

I am not suggesting SI2 because it is not eye clean. Inclusions can be seen in naked eyes. Secondly, you should be very selective if you decide to go for SI2. Avoid inclusions at the center and do not go for clarity based on clouds.

Note: Avoid clarity based on clouds be it VS2, SI1 or SI2. It will give your diamond hazy or blurry look. Be aware of that.

Ring settings: Solitaire, Halo and three stone settings are best ring settings for Radiant cut. Ear-ring and necklace are also cool choices for Radiant cut. Radiant cut ring is best suited for women with long fingers, it makes them look shorter.

See the following Radiant cut diamonds with different ring settings which show cases elegance and beauty.

radiant rings james blog ready.jpg

Visit the site to see similar collections…..

I can’t help but inclined to show you more as I have found these beautiful Radiant cut diamond rings. I am sure you will like these as much as I do.

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Want to see more? Visit the site to see plenty of these with different designs and setting styles.

Certification:Radiant Cut

GIA and AGSL are two best and most reliable labs for diamond grading. Even though you will not get a cut grade in this Radiant cut, grading takes care of other important factors of 4Cs i.e. Color, Clarity and carat.

As there is no cut-grade, you should not forget to ask for ASET-report. This is the ultimate report card of Radiant cut’s brilliance and sparkle. This one report takes care of cut grade. It will tell you how good or bad your diamond is? So do not forget it. If you are not getting it better to look for other vendors who can provide this.

James Allen, Bluenile, and Briangavins are some of the online jewelry stores who provide it along with excellent visuals and 360 degree videos.

If you are a lover of Color diamonds then Leibish is the best place to choose Fancy Color Diamond or diamond rings.

I would like to add Fascinating Diamonds here for their excellent collections of rings with some outstanding ring settings mixed with color gemstones. 

Conclusion: Radiant Cut is feature rich mixed cut that provides brilliance and sparkle like Princess cut, which is the second most popular Fancy shape diamond after round shape. Radiant cut offers good value for money should you decides to choose it.

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