Hearts & Arrows Tools Comparison and final verdict: Ideal Scope Vs ASET image

What is “Hearts & Arrows” viewer? What is Ideal-Scope or ASET-Scope? What is the importance of these tools in selecting a diamond?

There are three tools available in the market to see the Hearts & Arrows image in the diamond. They are Hearts & Arrow viewer, Ideal-Scope and AGS-ASET (Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool).

Hearts & Arrows viewer tool’s only purpose is to show you whether the CUT of the diamond is good enough to see eight symmetrical arrows and eight symmetrical hearts inside it when viewed from the top and from the bottom of the diamond.

Ideal-Scope and AGS ASET-Scope are more advanced tools which not only show the image but also evaluate the light performance of the diamond. Ideal-scope and ASET images are very helpful in choosing a right hearts and arrow diamond with desired brilliance, sparkle and fire.

In the following table, you will know why you should not solely rely on hearts and arrow viewer.

Hearts & Arrow Viewer Vs Ideal-Scope Vs ASET Scope of AGS

Similarities: Hearts & Arrows pattern in the diamond clearly visible when seen through all three tools.


Hearts & Arrow Viewer: Easy method to judge a diamond’s cut grade.

Ideal-Scope: Clear Indication of light return. Red represents light returns; white represents light leakages and black represents contrast or blockage of light by the viewer. It is very easy to use and understand.

ASET-SCOPE: More specific information about light returns. Red represents intense light return, green represents less intense or reflected light return, blue represents blockage of light by the viewer or contrast. Black or white represents light leakages.

It works perfectly both for Round and Fancy shape diamonds.


Hearts & Arrow Viewer: As it is silent about the light return, it cannot be a reliable option. A better cut does not guarantee excellent light return or sparkle.

Ideal-Scope: It works perfectly in round shape diamonds. However, when it comes to Fancy Shape diamonds it has many shortcomings. So avoid it in Fancy Shape diamond.

ASET: No limitations whatsoever other than the images can be a little difficult for the newcomer to understand. Otherwise, on all counts, it is perfectly reliable, more advanced and more scientific.

How these tools work in producing diamond’s light performance image?

Now that you know the advantages and limitations of these three tools, let’s understand it better with real images. See the images below and know why you should not buy a diamond just because it shows hearts and arrow pattern in it. Instead, you should judge it by its light returns or light performance report.

H&A ideal aset.png

If you are planning to buy a “Hearts & Arrows” diamond which commands a premium price then ideal-scope or ASET-scope image report is highly recommended for total analysis of light return and light leakages.

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