How to choose engagement ring diamond online? Case Study:Jamesallen

Step by Step guide: How to search and select the best quality SI2 or I1 clarity diamond for Engagement ring:

This rule is applicable to the diamond of all clarity, colors, cuts, and carats.

Case Study: James Allen Online Diamond Store

First, go to Jamesallen and you are here at the home page.

home page jamesallen.png

Set the search target:

Select a shape, carat, color, cut, and clarity from the given options to set a search target. In advanced search option, you can set Fluorescence to none, cut as excellent or Ideal and select a lab. Here I have selected GIA. Leave other options like polish, symmetry, table percentage etc as it is. You have selected excellent cut so it will take care of all other options accordingly.

Weed-out the unwanted:

After this, you will see many images of diamonds are up for selection. Now have a close look at all these diamonds. You will see some are simply not good looking. Leave them.

quick first impression ready.png

“Love at first sight”: Follow this rule to select a diamond from multiple options

Select the ones those are appealing to your eyes from the very first glace. Select only three to four of these diamonds in the beginning otherwise, you will get confused. Then narrow down to those having inclusions at the center but still looking ok. Leave these types of diamonds for the second preference. Now check out the fewer diamonds left.

What did I do? : In the above image the first two diamonds in the first row looked good to me at the first glance. I went for a quick view of both diamonds. In the quick view, you will have a window like this from where you can have 360 degrees HD view of the diamond, its certificate, and the price.

diamond selection quick view ready.png

From the quick view, I found the middle one was not as good as per the five golden rules. So I moved to the second one. In the second one, this is what I found.

GIA si2 selection ready.png

It was looking all good with a clean center; the certificate showed it was a Triple-X cut grade. So this is what I was looking for. Then I proceeded for the next step.

Rules: Check for clouds, cavity, and fluorescence in the certificate:

Go to the certificate details. Leave the diamonds having clouds, Fluorescence (if fluorescence is not set to “none” in the advanced search) and cavity (cavity will be in I1 clarity). See the comment section, if it is mentioned “additional clouds are not shown” then leave these types of diamonds too.

What did I find? : Looking at the certificate I found no mention of cloud or cavity in it. The Fluorescence section was mentioned as none.

Select the best now:

Now how many of them left one or none? If you have left with none then go back to the diamonds those were kept for the second preference. If you have more than one diamonds left then see its cut grade.

Check out its polish, symmetry and cut grade, if they are all in the excellent grade then go for it. This is called “Triple excellent cut or 3x diamond”. This is your best diamond.

My final choice: In this case, the above SI2 clarity diamond fulfills all the parameters for a sparkling diamond. It was really cool to find a diamond like that. Hence I selected that. To find a diamond like this you should follow the exact steps and rules that I have followed here.

What if I don’t find the one?

Keep repeating these steps until you get what you are looking for. If you can spend half an hour daily at the end of the week you will have seven best-selected diamonds to choose from.

More options mean you can play with the price and can select the best one at least price. If you have any doubt or question use live chat option. You will get on the spot satisfactory answer from the expert.

Following the above rules and steps, I have found this I1 clarity diamond that you will love. See the following images to understand what to remember while selecting an I1 clarity diamond.

select & reject I1 ready.png

Look at the above diamonds carefully. Both have inclusions in the center, the one on the left is looking much better than the right. Because, the feather’s position, its angle is such that even if it is big it is not looking dirty. You should be looking for this type of I1 clarity diamond.

While searching for the better-looking I1-clarity diamond I had found this diamond having inclusions in the center too but I preferred the one above. Why? See the image below to understand it.

I1 jiram center ready.png

Two more I1 clarity diamonds (GIA certified) in the below for you, just to show beautiful diamonds do exist in low clarity category. If you are patient and focused in your quest then you will definitely get it.

I1 preferable ready.png


This is the best way you can filter and choose your choice of good quality diamond in lower quality. Follow the guidelines and you will find plenty of sparkling diamond. You can apply these tricks in selecting the upper-grade diamonds too and it will give you excellent results.

SI2 is a much better clarity than I1. However, if you want to go for I1 then be selective. That’s it. Wish you happy shopping.


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