Fluorescence: The secret saving tips you should never miss out

There is an overall negativity surrounded with the word “Fluorescence” in the diamond industry. But this is not true. Barring a few cases fluorescence can be considered good. The saving tips that I am going to share with you about fluorescence will change your perception forever. But before that first know some facts about it.

In a report by Gemological Institute of America (GIA), almost 30% of the diamonds coming for grading have some kind of fluorescence. Only 2% of it is really undesirable. That means it affects the transparency of the diamond.

So if you see from the broader perspective you will find the negativity associated with fluorescence is a bit exaggerated.

This is where you have opportunity to save a few bucks.

Look at the images below to know how a fluorescent diamond looks like.

save fluorescence.png

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Saving Tips on “Fluorescence”:

Now come to the saving part.

In the low color category, from K to N, strong to very strong blue fluorescence acts like a mask to cover the yellowish tint. It makes the yellowish color look like near colorless.

The result is- an ‘L’ color diamond is going to look like an ‘I’ color diamond. Two grade jumps means a lot of saving.

The only thing to remember here is that “Fluorescence” should not have any effect on the transparency of the diamond. If it affects diamond’s transparency then it will look hazy or cloudy or blurry.

See the images below to understand better.

saving fluoro ready.png

Look at the two diamonds in the extreme right which have Strong and very strong fluorescent in it. They are looking hazy and blurry as it affects the transparency.

Avoid buying these types of Fluorescent diamonds even if you are getting them at a discount price. It is not worth of your hard-earned money.

Hence, double check it with the vendor or seek clarification from the jewelry store if you are buying it online.

Now that you know which color and which fluorescent diamond to choose, let’s see the real price of a fluorescent diamond and a non-fluorescent diamond.

Fluorescent Vs Non-Fluorescent Diamond: Price Difference

In the following table you will see the huge price difference between a fluorescent diamond and a non-fluorescent diamond.

Now see the price differences of a Fluorescent and Non-Fluorescent Diamond in different color categories.

Carat-1.00, Clarity-VVS2, Cut-Excellent

ColorFluorescencePrice $Price Diff.

(price taken from an online store in March-18)

Look at the price, if you buy an Lcolor strong fluorescent diamond instead of a J color non-fluorescent diamond you will save $1939. If an L color diamond has fluorescence then it will most probably look like J color. That means two grade jumps in price too. Visually both are preferable.

‘L’ is the better option here for its price as it negates the yellowish color tint because of strong presence of fluorescence in it.

Remember the exception that it should not affect the transparency of the diamond else it will look blurry or hazy or milky.

Fluorescent Diamond: Buying Advice

As I am recommending you to buy L color strong Fluorescence diamond, I would like to remind you once again that look at the appearance.

Ask this question to yourself? Is it looking hazy or blurry or cloudy? If so, that means the fluorescence is affecting its transparency. Then don’t buy it. Be sure about this.

Ask the vendor for more fluorescent diamonds and compare each other to get a clear idea. Ask the sales-person why it is looking hazy? If you don’t get a satisfactory explanation then don’t go for it because you know the truth.

If you are buying it online then see the real images of as many diamonds as possible and then decide the best one. Seek a clarification from the online store about it.

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Read “Fluorescence” chapter to know how an ‘M’ color diamond looks with fluorescence and without fluorescence in it.

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