Oval Shape Diamond: Buying tips for first time buyers

Oval Shape: Choice for people of royal taste

Oval shape diamond- you may call it “round shape with a difference”. Though its history dates back to the famous koh-i-noor era, Oval shape still rules the jewelry world. Lazare Kaplan, the master cutter created the modern day Oval shape in 1960. Since then Oval shape has seen many ups and downs in its life.

Other than the slight shape difference Oval is almost identical in sparkle and brilliance in comparison to Round brilliant cut. Like Round brilliant cut it too has 58 facets and it is cut as same as round shape.

The most striking factor of the Oval shape is its elongated rounded shape that creates the illusion of larger size than its actual carat weight.

Why choose an Oval shape?

  • Gives vintage look with same sparkle and brilliance like Round brilliant cut
  • Less costly than Round shape
  • Perfect choice for petite fingers, its elongated shape enhances the beauty of short fingers
  • Larger surface area than Round shape diamond makes it appear larger than its carat-weight
  • Many facets(57) help in hiding blemishes, inclusions
  • Rounded points – no risk of chipping
  • Oval shape fits beautifully in multiple ring settings

How to choose a gorgeous looking Oval shape diamond?

Important things to keep in mind at the time of selecting an Oval shape diamond:

Length to Width Ratio: This is one of the most important factors that makes or breaks a diamond’s appearance. Oval shape is no exception to it.

Experts have no unanimity over one particular parameter. However, they broadly agree with the range that is more or less acceptable to all. Let’s see the ranges of length to width ratio of different experts.

Experts viewLength to Width Ratio
GIA1.30:1 to 1.40:1
Brian Gavin1.40:1 to 1.60:1
Bluenile1.33:1 to 1.66:1
LumeraDiamond1.35:1 to 1.50:1
Average L/W Ratio1.35:1 to 1.54:1

The lengths to width ratio guidelines mentioned above are all in excellent grade range. You have to choose what looks beautiful to your eyes between these ranges.

oval lw ratio ready.png

Cut grade guidelines: Oval Shape

GIA is silent about the cut parameters of Oval shape. Experts have found their own yardstick to judge its cut grade based on their knowledge and experiences.

The following table will give you a fair idea about the Cut parameter of Oval shape. However, the best way to choose an Oval shape diamond is to look at its shape appeal. How good or attractive it appears. If it looks good to you then go for it. The proportions mentioned below are just to guide you to get to the best.

ExcellentVery Good
Table %55 to 60%52 to 64%
Total Depth %59 to 63%56 to 65.4%
GirdleThin to thickVery Thin to Thick
Crown Height12 to 15%11.5 to 16%
CuletNoneNone or Very Small
Length to Width Ratio1.35:1 to 1.50:11.30:1 to 1.55:1
Polish & SymmetryExcellent to Very GoodExcellent to Good


Bow-tie Effect: This effect is visible only when you see a diamond in person or see its high definition image/video. You cannot know it from the certificate or ASET-image report.

“Bow-tie” is the dark shadow formed between the bottom and pavilion. The shadow is the result of light blockage due to viewer’s head. It is a permanent feature in shapes like Oval, Pear, Marquise and Heart.

If a diamond is in excellent cut grade then it will have minimal effect or else it will have dark shadow in poor cut grade. You should see it to judge how good or bad the effect is.

Remember one thing, it is perfectly ok to have minimum bow-tie effect as it adds good contrast which is helpful for brilliance.

Some cutter purposely cut a diamond shallow to avoid the bow-tie effect; in that case you may not see the bow tie shadow. However, the shallow cut will lead to light leakages resulting in less brightness or glassy appearance.

Hence, keep this thing in mind and ask for clarification whenever you buy an Oval shape diamond from a B&M store or from an online jewelry store.

Clarity Tips: Like round shape it hides blemishes and inclusions quite well because of its many facets. I would suggest you to go as low as SI1 (Eye clean) clarity. Be selective if you are opting for SI2 clarity. Avoid inclusions in the center. Go for VS2 or better if you are looking for an Oval shape above 1.00-carat weight to get good result.

Note: Do not choose a clarity grade that is based on Clouds even if it is in better clarity-grade range.

Color Tips: Ideally, for best result choose a color grade from D to G. If you ask me I will say, go for G color instead of D for two reasons. Firstly, you will hardly notice any quality difference between D and G color in your naked eyes. If the stone is mounted then it is nearly impossible to find the difference.

Metals like Platinum or white gold goes well with these (D to G) colors, adding more brightness to it. Even H color will give you good appearance.

Secondly, the huge price difference between D and G. By choosing G color you will save a good chunk of money without compromising the quality. You can use that money for a larger or for a better Clarity diamond.

Oval shape looks stunning in rose gold. If you like rose gold or yellow gold it is better to select a color from I, J, or even K. Don’t go for D to H color in these metals.

oval rosegold ring.jpg

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Oval shape is a blessing for short or petite finger. Its elongated rounded shape gives shorter finger better and larger look.

Ring Settings Tips: The good thing about Oval shape is that it is fit for almost all ring settings, be it conventional, classic art deco, modern or trendy. However, the best five settings those are most popular for their elegant style and beauty are Halo, Solitaire, Channel, Pave, and Side Stone setting.

If you are looking for more brilliance and sparkle in low budget then Halo setting is the answer. A small centre stone surrounded by many small diamonds gives the impression of a larger diamond. Replace the diamonds with colorful Gemstones and see how spectacular it looks. Gemstones are also cheaper than diamond. Think about it.

Here are some stunning Halo setting rings with Oval shape as center stones. Just imagine how gorgeous it will look in your finger. See it to believe it.

halo oval ready.JPG

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Prong Setting has always been the favorite of most people for its ability to show maximum open areas of the stone to light. More light means more brilliance and more sparkle. Four to six prong settings is the best choice depending on stone size. Platinum prongs are strong and durable than gold. So, ask the jeweler about it before going for prong setting.

solitaire oval ready.jpg

These are just samples, visit the site to choose from sea of diamond rings

Side stone setting: The beauty of a ring with Oval shape accentuates when accompanied by side stones. Gemstones as side stones give it a more colorful look while baguette and tapered baguettes enhances its brilliance.

sidestone oval ready.jpg

Side stone adds beauty to the center stone. want to see more….come here

Channel Setting: See the images

channelset oval.JPG

Channel setting rings are the kind of rings that you will fall in love with. Come find your love……

Pave Setting: See the varieties of rings

oval pave ready.JPG

Pave setting rings are elegant and rich in appearance. See similar rings here

Besides these ring settings there are multiple of other ring settings that goes well with Oval shape diamonds. Have a look at some of selected rings.


  • Oval shape is best suited for petite or short finger
  • It is less costly than Round brilliant cut
  • 1.30:1.00 to 1.60:1.00 is the ideal length to width ratio for Oval shape that looks appealing to eyes
  • It hides blemishes and inclusions well because of its many facets
  • D to G or H color gives best appearance with white gold or platinum metal while I to K gives best result with rose gold or yellow gold
  • SI1 or better clarity is what you should be looking for. SI1 is considered as Eye-clean clarity where you cannot see the inclusions in the diamond in naked eyes
  • Do not go for VS2 or SI1 clarity grade that is based on clouds
  • Solitaire prong settings, Halo, side-stone, Channel, and Bezel are some of the most popular ring settings that give spectacular look
  • Think of Oval as center stone surrounded by many colorful gemstones to give it the look you want. Just imagine how spectacular it will look on her finger

Conclusion: If you are looking for a shape that is eternal and at the same time attractive then there cannot be a better choice than the curvy shape that is Oval. In recent years it has made a comeback due to renewed interest in it by many celebrities and members of royal families. So, go for it. It will add sparkle to your relationship.

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