Top five ring settings: 3 awesome tips to make your own ring design

Top 5 ring settings: amazing tips on how to make your own custom engagement/wedding ring design

If you are searching for a suitable engagement ring design for her beautiful finger then you must have realized by now how hard the task it has been for you. The jaw-dropping engagement/wedding ring settings & designs that you see in the fashion world or the news that catches your attention of a Hollywood celebrity or a sports person’s fiancé flaunting her engagement ring before the media is making the things more complicated for you.

The more you see of it the more you become indecisive. Sometimes abundant information creates confusion in the mind. I am not going to add more confusion to it. Let’s come directly to the point.

How to make your own ring design? Three simple tips for engagement/wedding ring designs & settings:

The ring design is the combination of three things.

  1. Choose a shape of the diamond or gemstone for the ring
  2. Select a setting that holds and decorates the stone and
  3. Choose a metal that best suits your skin tone and also a good match for your stone.

(I assume you know the quality of the diamond, if not then click here to know the quality of the diamond in a quick way)

Know the above three things and you are good to go. Let’s understand this one by one.

But before this, a few more words about ring designs; to make you understand about all the three things mentioned above I have done some research about some of the most talked about ring designs (both diamond and gemstone as center stones) of famous persons from different walks of life.

From Queen Elizabeth II to Meghan Markel, from Victoria Beckham (wife of soccer star David Beckham) to Serena Williams and from Angelina Jolie to Ashlee Simpson, I have collected valuable data on their spectacular engagement ring settings and designs. I have put it in a simple way for your perusal.

Have a look at the findings after you finish reading the above three components on designs. I am sure it will complement to your ideas about ring designs in a big way.

Back to the three components of ring designs:

  1. How to choose the shape of the diamond/gemstone for the ring?
  2. How to select a setting that holds and decorates the stone and
  3. How to choose a metal that best suits your skin tone and also a good match for your stone?
  4. How to choose the shape of a diamond or a gemstone for the ring that suits to your hand?

It is really important to choose a shape that will look nice on her finger, not in the jeweler’s showcase. Fingers are like canvas. Not all shapes will look good on her finger.

However, this is something that varies from person to person according to one’s choice and budget. The popular shapes for an engagement ring are Round Brilliant Cut followed by Princess cut, Emerald cut, Cushion cut, Asscher cut, Radiant cut, Heart, Pear, Oval, and Marquise cut.

1.Here are some guidelines that will help you choose a shape for her finger size that will not only look good but also stand out in the crowd.

  • Round and Princess cut are the two most popular shapes for any rings. These shapes look very good in all types of fingers or in all types of hands.

Three-stone ring setting with smaller diamond/gemstones on both sides compliments all types of hands beautifully.

Pink color diamonds or gemstones with prong setting are also a good choice for any finger.

  • Skinny hand and long finger are found to be best for larger center stones. Round shape and fancy shapes like Princess cut, Pear, Emerald cut, Cushion cut, and Oval diamonds/gemstones in a larger size are a perfect fit for these types of hands or fingers.
  • Wider finger or Larger finger has many options to choose from. Larger size diamonds or gemstones in bold settings like shank or cluster set diamonds can be a good choice.

Wider shapes like Princess, Emerald, Cushion, Oval or Marquise cut in prong settings can enhance the beauty of your hand.

  • Shapes for Small hand or petite finger has to be chosen prudently. A small ring with simple style looks good on it. Round, Princess, Marquise, Pear and Oval in small sizes are considered to be the best choice for petite fingers. Avoid big size as this will overwhelm the finger.

Select your shape as per your finger or hand size.

2. Top Five ring settings: How to select a Ring-Setting that will hold and decorate the stone?

This is the most important part of ring design. Though there are more than a dozen setting styles in ring design I will recommend you to choose from the top five.

These settings are very beautiful. They are “tried and tested” designs for their longevity and convenience of wearing. That’s why these settings are most popular and widely used.

Remember engagement ring is not something that will be worn occasionally so any fancy design should be out of consideration. Because a fancy-setting ring requires special attention for maintenance than a regular engagement ring does.

Top Five Engagement/Wedding Ring Settings:

  1. solitare ring ready.pngProng and Solitaire setting is one of the most popular and trusted ring settings of all time. In this setting, a metal band is designed to hold the larger center stone by the claws of the prongs.

The prongs are normally four to six in numbers. The prongs hold the stone in such a way that the stone gets maximum exposure to light thus making the stone more brilliant and scintillating.

Tiffany & Co. Setting: Tiffany & Co came with this solitaire six-prong setting in 1886 and it became so popular that it is known as “The Tiffany Setting”.

You may get six-prong solitaire from other companies but it may not be as unique as Tiffany’s. Their “knife edge” prongs are scientifically made to give the stone maximum exposure to light to enhance its brilliance. It holds the diamond securely.

A recent online survey has found that Solitaire and Halo settings account for 59% of all the engagement ring designs & settings.

halo settings ready.png

2. Halo Setting: In this setting, the center stone is surrounded by many small stones to make it look beautiful and unique. Shapes like round, oval and pear as center stone give it a magnificent appearance.

Halo ring has an inherent message in it, it’s like as if a guy is saying to his lover “you are the center of my world and I am nothing without you”.

3. Three stone setting: Unlike the solitaire prong setting where one larger stone is held by the prongs, here in this setting a larger stone is flanked by two stones. As it holds three stones it looks stunning when accompanied by two gemstones or a gemstone as center stone flanked by two diamonds. Because the color combination of gemstones and diamond in the ring makes it simply gorgeous.

You should see it to agree with me. Have a look at the images below.

3 stone settings ready.png

4. Bezel Setting: This is one of the most popular settings. In this setting, the center stone is tightly held by the thin rim of metal from all sides. As it is more secure, this type of setting style is a good choice for an active lifestyle.

Images of Bezel setting rings:

bezel brilliantearth ready.png

5. Pave Setting: The word “pave” is a French word which means “to pave”. This setting is aimed to maximize the dazzle in the ring. In this setting small diamonds are placed closely together in the surface of the ring leaving literally no visibility of the metal. The small diamonds form a row on both sides of the center stone which add sparkle to the whole ring.pave jamesallen ready.png

When very small diamonds of 0.01-0.02-carat are used in the setting it is called micro-pave.

Pave setting rings are favorites of many for wedding bands. As smaller diamonds are used in this setting it is also cost-effective in comparison to the solitaire ring.

Innovative ideas like blending the Halo with the pave setting are becoming very popular day by day. You should keep this in mind if you are planning for a custom design for your engagement ring.

Now see some of the designs of pave and micro-pave setting rings and wedding bands.

Other Popular Ring Settings:

1.Channel Setting: In this setting, the ring is made of two strips of precious metal. Diamonds or gemstones are placed together in the channel in the groove of the ring holding the diamonds securely.

This setting is famous for its simple yet elegant look and the sparkle it gives to the ring.

Channel Setting Ring images:

chanel james ready.png

2. Shank/Split Shank: Think of the pave setting, when a pave is split into two ways from the middle to join the center stone of the ring it is known as split-shank setting. A ring appears larger and flashy in this setting.

split shank whitflash ready.png

3. Vintage Setting: Antique designs have always raised curiosity in the minds of the people. In the past how engagement rings were made, what were the parameters of making designs, and what metals were used to make such elegant, art-decorated rings are the matter of both surprise and admiration.

vintage setting ready.png

Some people follow it for inspiration and others try to replicate it for their own engagement ring. This type of setting demands superior craftsmanship. It is good value for your money because the style never becomes outdated.

Lets’ see some of the most famous rings and their replicates:

eugenie ready.png

(Image Source)

The above ring is from Jack Brooksbank to Princess Eugenie of York. The ring’s center-stone is a pink colored rare Sri Lankan padparadscha Sapphire. It is surrounded by ten small round and two pear-shaped diamonds that give it a spectacular look.

The ring’s estimated value is roughly $150000. Here is the catch, if you want to get the exact lookalike of the ring and that too at the fraction of its original cost, then visit this site.

Here is another royal ring. Let’s see the original and its lookalike.

ferguson ready.png

Prince Andrew proposed to Sara Ferguson, the Duchess of York in 1985 with this flowery ring. The ring’s center-stone is a Burmese ruby surrounded by ten sparkling diamonds.

Now, look at the lookalike of the ring at the right. Want to know how much it costs? Well, it’s within your budget. Come, see it.

Princess Margaret’s engagement ring is another example of beauty and craftsmanship. The rubies with small diamonds are simply fabulous as if breaking the myth that a ring’s center stone can be without the diamond and will still look gorgeous.

margaret ready.png

4. Cluster Setting: A group of stones put together or a center stone surrounded by many stones of similar weight outlining an attractive shape is the hallmark of the Cluster Setting. Put in place by the arty craftsman it gives the impression of a larger stone.

cluster ritani ready.png

5. Tension Setting: This is a complicated ring setting and a mixture of prong and bezel setting. The stone is held in such a way between the two shanks that it literally looks like as if it is hanging in the air. Because of its complex nature, it is a good choice for occasional wearing.

tension whiteflash ready.png

6. Cathedral Setting: As the name suggests the stone in this setting is raised by the arches of metal to give the ring a graceful look. The Cathedral look gives the impression of a larger appearance. It can be set with prong, bezel or tension.

cathedral whiteflash ready.png

Popular Settings for Wedding Band:

7. Bar Setting: Bar setting is in a way similar to Channel setting. The only difference is that in Bar Setting the stones are set in a bar that separates each stone from other. Bar setting without a center stone is a preferable choice for a wedding band.


wedding band bar seting ready1.png

8. Flush Setting: Diamonds are immersed in the band that holds it. In this setting, only the table of the diamond is visible from outside and the remaining part is totally engrossed inside the metal. This type of setting is very safe and perfect for a wedding band.

flush bluenile ready.png

9. Channel Settings: It is a good choice for a wedding band. The details already mentioned above. See attractive ring bands below.

weding band channel ready.png

10.Pave Setting: Consider Pave setting for a wedding band. See details in the above section in ring settings. See below some stunning colorful pave wedding bands.

wedding band pave ready.png

3.How to choose a metal that best suits your skin tone and also is a good match for your ring-stone?

Tips to choose matching metals for your ring stone:

Yellow, white, rose gold and platinum go well with white diamond. White diamond looks magnificent in all three types of gold and platinum settings.

Fancy color diamonds and color gemstones look rich in rose or yellow gold settings. Sapphires look gorgeous in white gold or platinum settings.

4.Amazing Tips to choose a metal that best suits your skin tone:

Yellow gold looks superb on everyone. It looks nice and beautiful especially with darker and olive skin tones.

Platinum, white or rose gold gives a stunning impression with fair and pale skin tones. Rose gold is spectacular with warm or cool skin tones. Platinum and white gold are known for its sophistication and eye-catching shine. It complements greatly to rosy and fair skin tones.

Now see the findings of some of the stunning ring settings and designs of celebrities & royal families:

You will be amazed to know that contrary to popular belief some of these gorgeous ring designs are not made of diamond as center stone but with less costly gemstones. You will agree with me when you see the images of these rings after this.

I am saying this because many times these celebrities or scions of royal families have broken the stereotype of the ring designs and come up with some stunning new designs and styles that set a new trend in the engagement world.

elizabeth engagement ring ready.png

(Image Source)

Prince Phillip designed the ring himself for Queen Elizabeth. Her Majesty never forgets to wear this ring. The ring’s center stone is a 3-carat diamond flanked by 10 small diamonds in a platinum band.

kate middleton engagement ring ready.png

Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with his mother Princess Diana’s majestic ring. The ring’s center stone is a 12-carat Oval shaped Sri Lankan blue sapphire surrounded by 14 small diamonds.

mehan makle engagement ring ready.png

(Image Source)

Prince Harry designed the ring himself for Meghan Markle. It is a three stone setting. The center stone is a 3.5-carat cushion cut diamond flanked by two diamonds taken from his mother’s collections.

angelina jolie ring ready.png

(Image Source)

Being a perfectionist himself it took almost a year for Brad Pitt to make this stunning giant ring with designer Robert Procop. This huge 16-carat Emerald cut diamond, flanked by trapezoid side diamonds, is a treat to eyes synonymous with the beauty of Angelina.

ashlee simpson ring ready.png

(Image Source)

This is one of the most beautifully designed custom ring that set a new standard in custom ring design. The center stone is a marquise cut diamond surrounded by small rubies and 140 small diamonds. This is the kind of ring that you don’t see so often.

serena williams ring ready.png

(Image Source)

A 10-carat plus emerald cut diamond flanked by diamonds on both sides is what Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian chose to propose the queen of sports Serena Williams.

victoria beckham engagemetn ring.png

(Image Source)

Famous for her extravagant lifestyle Victoria Beckham, wife of soccer star David Beckham, is graced with 13 engagement rings. This one is a huge 17-carat pear cut diamond in pave setting.

So far you have seen some spectacular rings of celebrities. Now it is time for the statistics.

To present my case I have extensively gone through the rings of famous personalities from 1940 to the first quarter of 2018. I have randomly selected a total of 103 engagement rings to understand their designs and style.

Let’s see the graphics.

Engagement ring statistics: From 1940 to 2018.

ring statistics.PNG

87% of rings are from prong & Solitaire, Halo and 3-stone settings.

statistics ring.PNG

When it comes to the choice of center stone, diamond is still reigning the ring world. However, the gemstones are also favorites for many and have set the trend at many times in the past.

ring statistics shape.PNG

After seeing the graph it seems the choice of shapes for center stone of the ring varies from person to person. We don’t see any particular shape is in the most favorite category for majority of the people.

Conclusion: I hope the above information will give you satisfactory answers to your quest for engagement ring settings and designs.

Please let me know your views in the comment box.

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