What is a ‘Hearts & Arrows’ diamond? Is it worth buying?

Understanding ‘Hearts & Arrows’ diamond:

Hearts and Arrows define the accuracy of the CUT vis-a-vis the beauty of the diamond. When a diamond is perfectly cut with clinical precision there are eight hearts and eight arrows visible when seen through a specific tool from the bottom and from the top. The arrows are seen symmetrically from the top while hearts are seen from the bottom.

In the 80’s it was first brought to notice by the Japanese. Since then it has been gaining popularity in every corner of the world. You will be amazed to know that there is no hearts and arrows cut as such. But when an excellent cut or super ideal cut diamond is made with clinical precision and optimum mathematical proportions, the result is the visible pattern of Hearts and Arrow inside the diamond.

Are all “Excellent/Ideal Cut” diamonds “Hearts & Arrows” diamonds?

It may be noted here that not all the Excellent cut or Ideal cut diamonds pass the test of being hearts and arrow diamonds. A slight here and there in the symmetry or proportion may dent the image of hearts and arrows.

So it has to be that perfect to be a ‘Hearts and Arrows’ diamond. A perfect ‘hearts and arrows’ diamond is the manifestation of brilliance, fire, and sparkle.

The image below shows the eight symmetrical hearts and arrows in the diamond when seen through a hearts & arrow viewer or Ideal-scope or AGS’s ASET-scope.

Is it (Hearts & Arrows diamond (H&A)) worth buying?

If you consider H&A is the only criteria to buy a diamond, then my answer is a blunt “No”. Remember, you are paying an extra amount for the optimum fire, brilliance, and scintillation of it. If it is not different from an Excellent cut or Ideal cut diamond then why should you buy it in the first place?

My recommendation is to buy it but not before you test its light performance under an Ideal-scope or AGS ASET-Scope. To make my point clear I would like to draw your attention to the following examples.

Here is the image of two diamonds; both are excellent cut from GIA. We can see hearts and arrow pattern in it. Now, look at the light performance of these two diamonds to gauge its brightness, contrast, emission of light, scintillation, and leakage of light.

‘Light performance’ is the most scientific and logical way to judge a diamond’s fire, brilliance and sparkle.

When light enters into a diamond it spreads equally into every facet of it and bounces back to viewer’s eyes causing a glittering effect. That is when we call a diamond is shining or sparkling.

If a diamond’s CUT is not perfect, if the symmetry or the proportions are not matched with required accuracy then the Light may not bounce back. Some of it will go through.

It is called light leakage in the diamond language. In the images below you will know how light leakages have a serious impact on the sparkling of the diamond.

Both the images below are Hearts & Arrow diamonds, but when it comes to light performance, the diamond in the right has serious light leakages. This makes the diamond less sparkling.

H&A worthbuying.jpg

(Both diamonds are G Color, Excellent cut, and VS1 Clarity)

Look at the above images carefully, though both are Excellent cut diamond having hearts and arrows pattern in it, the diamond in the right is having serious light leakages.

Look at the white circle in it. This shows where the light is not bouncing back to viewer’s eyes, instead, it is leaking out. When you see the real diamond’s image in the below you will see the areas where the light goes out is looking dull or black.

On the contrary, the other diamond in the image looks absolutely gorgeous with beautiful black arrows that signify its contrast. Look at the arrows that are illuminating with light in the image just above it while the second diamond is less sparkling or it is just looking dark and dull. This is the power of light performance.

Now you can draw your conclusion from the above examples why ‘hearts and arrows’ should not be the only criteria to pay a premium price. A light performance test is necessary to supplement it. After you are done with the light performance report of a hearts and arrows diamond, it is worthy of your hard-earned money.

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